Why Should I Have My Roof Cleaned?

Why clean roof tiles?

If roof moss, algae and dirt is left on roof tiles and not dealt with, it can have a number of impacts. Firstly, moss absorbs moisture easily, which not only adds weight to the roof, putting it under stress, but can also result in moisture entering the roof space. Roof tiles do not dry in the sun, as the moss, dirt and lichen act as a barrier, keeping the tiles moist, which can lead to moisture soaking through into the roof. This can seriously damage integral parts of the roof structure, such as causing timber rafters to rot, which leads to long term damage. Additionally, moisture can cause cracks and splits in your roof tiles.

Damage to structural bonds

Moss grows well on cement, which means that it often grows on the bond that joins ridge tiles, apex tiles and the roof. Growing in these places can cause significant damage, agitating and breaking bonds that are key to the structure of the roof.


Moss, algae and dirt build ups on roof tiles can also result in an overheating attic and roof space, as it covers the roof tiles, preventing heat from leaving the building. Not only does this create an uncomfortable living or working situation, it can also result in high energy bills for ventilation and air conditioning.

Blocked gutters

The presence of moss, algae or dirt on your roof tiles can also result in blockages in your roofline drainage system. The build up of moss and other materials can block the guttering that runs along the tiled roof, causing water to run down the sides of the building, which can lead to unsightly marks, but also result in damp within the walls of the property.


We offer a number of solutions for having your roof cleaned, For more information feel free to get in touch and book in for a free survey.