The Vicious Cycle your Home Faces this Winter and How to Stop it

Winter is a tough time for the exterior of our properties. The cold weather, wet rain, and sometimes even snow can all affect our property. When you leave the outside of your home unmaintained and let it face the elements alone, you run the risk of entering your house into a vicious cycle.

This cycle can leave your home damaged, which means you could be spending hundreds, even thousands on getting your home fixed.

So what is this cycle and how do you stop it from taking hold?


The cycle in question may begin with your solar panels (if you have them installed, of course). Dirty solar panels that do not receive some form of regular cleaning will eventually become dirty. This can not only affect their efficiency but also can lead to your roof becoming affected.

The dirt, moss or pests that have attacked your solar panels now have spread to your roof. Roofs are so important to keep clean and it’s not just because it makes your home look nice. An unmaintained roof will also weaken over time.

As your unkempt roof becomes dirtier and dirtier, the debris will reach your gutters next. Now the dirt, moss and pests that have gathered on your roof have spilt into your gutters, which then causes the gutters to become blocked; a blocked gutter cannot do its job properly.

This is the cycle that your home is always at risk of entering, but with regular maintenance, you can stop it.


Having your own source of renewable energy is great, but where solar panels are concerned, you need to keep these maintained to keep them running at peak performance and so they don’t start that cycle we just discussed.

When cleaning solar panels, it’s important to remember not to use any harsh materials or chemicals that could affect them. Solar panels are expensive to repair or replace, so when it’s time to clean yours, it’s best to rely on help from a professional cleaning company.


There are so many benefits to getting your roof cleaned. As we mentioned before, having your roof cleaned keeps your home looking great and it also reduces the risk of the structure of your roof failing, which leads to expensive repairs or even replacement.

Your roof takes on a lot, so having dirty solar panels installed onto it is not going to do you any favours. So once you have those solar panels cleaned, the next job is to clean and treat the roof; this gets rid of things such as moss, pests and debris.


Your gutter’s job is to protect your home by collecting and diverting rainwater, so when they become blocked, you can imagine that they can’t do their job as best as you’d want. When your roof is left unmaintained, where does most of the debris it catches fall? The gutters.

When we say ‘debris’, that’s things like leaves, moss, twigs and so on. Having these things spill from your roof into your gutters is the last stage of this cycle and will render your gutters useless and could even cost you money to fix (once again) when the whole system fails.


There you have the dreaded cycle the exterior of your property faces. Dirty solar panels lead to a potentially weakened roof, which then leads to clogged gutters.

How do you stop this cycle? Your best bet is to look to a specialist exterior property cleaning company for help. They will know exactly what to do and how to do it. If you work with T.N Exterior Property Cleaning, we can assess your unique situation, create a plan on how best to proceed and then get stuck in.


This cycle is one you do not want to inflict on your property and making this investment to stop this cycle from ever happening will save you money and time in the long run.

Your property could already be in this cycle and you may not even know it, so if it has been a while since the exterior of your property has had a clean, you can get in touch with our team to come and have a look at your property to see if it would benefit from our help.