Property Cleaning: Professionally done

See below a list of the property cleaning services we can offer. All services are carried out to a highly professional standard and all works are insured. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help. 

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Window Cleaning

Keeping your windows clean will have many benefits to your property such as allowing as much natural light in as possible and keeping the appearance of your property looking great. We offer two different types of window cleaning: Traditional or water fed window cleaning, both methods achieve great results, we tailor your clean to which method we feel will give the best results. All our cleans include the frames sills and the doors as standard. We offer regular window cleaning based on a 4, 6 or 8 weekly rotation. We offer flexible payment methods either cash or BACs payment.

Gutter Clearing & Unblocking

Keeping your gutters clear and free flowing allows them to let rain-water leave the property. When they become clogged up or blocked this can cause water to cascade down the building which will leave staining on the brickwork and the walls will become damp over time. Also having unnecessary weight in the gutter will cause damage to them in the long term. We clear gutters using a gutter vacuum which allows us to safely clear gutters from the ground and we can clear above extensions and conservatories with ease.

Roof Cleaning & Treatment

Why should I get my roof cleaned?

In recent years roof cleaning has become increasingly popular, we find there are many reasons people decide to get their roof cleaned:

To find out more information please feel free to reach out to arrange a survey

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your paths, driveways and other hard surfaces is important to not only maintain the image around your property but to also keep the surfaces in the best condition. Surfaces that have not been cleaned on a regular basis can become slippery when wet and if left unkept for a long time they may never return to a clean state. We can use professional chemicals and equipment to treat and remove algae and blackspot and in cases where the grouting has broken down, we can put you in touch with a local tradesman to specialises in repointing.

Render Property Cleaning

Over time mother nature can and will leave her mark on rendered properties.
In essence, render cleaning comes in many forms. It can involve a simple pressure wash, the application of chemicals to resolve the growth of various organisms, and much more. Whenever you’re ready to make your property look great, and ensure it stays that way for a long time, keep reading.

What Render Type Do You Have?
Before you can start to clean your render exterior, you need to first understand what type of render it is. There is a variety of modern renders on the market, many of which are mixed with polymers for protection. Other renders require their own treatments and tools. Some can withstand jet washing, while others are too fragile to survive a wash. If you are unsure of the type of surface you have, speak to the manufacturer or call a specialist cleaning team to come and check it out for you.

Next, you need to assess the type of dirt, grime, and stains your rendered wall has. The exterior wall of a home can be affected by so many things, such as dirt, algae, mould, and much more.

Jet/Pressure Washing
Most firms that create modern render recommend that one uses a jet or power wash to remove algae growth and stains. Pressure washing clears render surfaces from discolouration caused by metalwork, algae, or weathering. As long as the stain is not severely ingrained, a power wash can restore the glory of the building. But pressure/jet washing is not suitable for all render types. While some modern ones are more resilient, others might not be. They can easily be eroded or damaged by the water jet.

If you are not sure if your building is suitable for this cleaning, speak to the manufacturer or a render maintenance firm.

Just like fungi, the exterior of a building can lead to algae growth. Like fungi, algae growth occurs on exposed surfaces and can lead to serious render damage. Applying biocide during and after cleaning will remove existing algae and decrease potential regrowth. Biocide must be applied to property render at least once each year, this will prevent algae growth greatly.

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