How Having Clean Solar Panels On Your Property Can Cut Your Energy Costs


Do you have solar panels installed on your home? If you answered ‘yes’, then this blog post could really help you out in a time when keeping a close eye on the amount of electricity we use is so important.

Having solar panels for your home is great, but did you know that it’s a possibility that your panels are not working as efficiently as they could be? Keep reading to see what we mean.


Solar panels work by catching the sun’s energy and turning that into electricity that you can then use in your home, and just like that, your home’s electricity is being supplied by a renewable energy source.

Even though these panels work by capturing energy from the sun, it doesn’t have to be sunny outside for them to work. Granted, they work their best with lots of shining, direct sunlight, but they can also work on cloudy days.

People turn to solar power for mainly two reasons: to cut energy bills (perfect for the current energy crisis) and to reduce their carbon footprint.


Now we know how solar panels work and after hearing the benefits, they seem like a sweet deal, and they can be, as long as you keep on top of your solar panel maintenance. It’s a fact that keeping your solar panels clean has many benefits.

  • Having your panels cleaned improves their efficiency

Like your roof and any other hard surfaces on your property, it is likely that over time, your solar panels will accumulate some dirt, debris and pests. These things can block the sun from reaching your panels’ surface, therefore not converting electricity as efficiently as they should.

Having your panels cleaned eliminates any dust, leaves, dirt and bugs that have gathered on your panels, making them efficient at their job once again.

  • Maintains your warranty

Solar panels usually come with many years of warranty, most of the time 20+ years. By cleaning your panels, you can extend and maintain this warranty, keeping you covered for longer.

  • Saves you money

With both the above points, it’s clear that cleaning your solar panels will save you money. While they are an expense to install, over the many years of work your clean panels do to generate renewable energy, they will have paid for themselves over and over.

  • Improves the kerbside appeal of your home

This may be an obvious reason for cleaning your solar panels, but a home with shining and sparkling clean solar panels on show will look far nicer than a home with dusty and dirty panels covered in leaves and other debris.


If you have solar panels on your property, it’s so important to keep them clean – as we have just discovered, it’s not just about aesthetic. You should also look to an experienced and specialist cleaning company to clean your solar panels for you.

A team like ours will know how best to clean solar panels without damaging them and how to guarantee the results you’re after, which is to have your panels looking great and saving you money.